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well hi ;* yeah, um i'm kayla. i mostly post pink & girly stuff. i bought a benz for my baddest bitch - lil wayne.


Q: follow back? A:not on command.
Q:check out my blog? A:of course! mbf me tho
Q: how many followers? A:who the fuck cares
Q:how many blogs do you follow? A:idk why it matters but ok
Q:why'd you unfollow? A:YOU UGLY. just kidding bby, um probably because you weren't active or changed blog type
Q: hate? A:baldheaded bitches
Q:love? A:you're cute as fuck. love u bae

i love

the D. pink. trey songz. nicki minaj. you. chris brown (bae). + more.

dem statz


loner alert // loner alert // loner alert // loner alert // loner alert // loner alert //


is it morally okay to pray that your crush’s relationship doesn’t work out

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I own everything in the collection so be prepared to see more of it. 

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